Video e Testo: RUN THE JEWELS – “yankee and the brave (ep. 4)”

Video e Testo: RUN THE JEWELS – “yankee and the brave (ep. 4)”

I Run The Jewels, duo di El-P e Killer Mike, condividono il nuovo video per  yankee and the brave (ep. 4), pezzo tratto  dal loro nuovo album RTJ4.

Il video, diretto da Sean Solomon con l’animazione di Titmouse,  dà vita alla narrativa da film d’azione della canzone, con Mike ed El che si scontrano con una forza di polizia robot.

Chris Prynoski, fondatore e presidente di Titmouse, afferma:

Killer Mike e El-P nella vita reale lotterebbero contro dei poliziotti robot, quindi considero questo video musicale animato per ‘yankee and the brave’ un documentario – che documenta il futuro. La profezia dei Run The Jewels è fluita attraverso i cuori degli animatori di Titmouse e nelle loro matite.”


This week on Yankee and The Brave
Back at it like a crack addict
Mr. Black Magic, crack a bitch back
Chiropractic, Craftmatic big daddy smokin’ big Cali
In the black alley, in a black Grand Natty
Rollin’ down, ole natty hair
Nappy, matty as a black, grandaddy, all fact
No cappin’, fat, black, bold cappin’, stay floatin’
No flappin’, wave runner, I’m a gunner
I’ma have your block hot as a sauna all summer
And I put that on Osama and my motherfuckin’ momma
I’ma terrorize the actors playing like they want some drama
I’ma chop ‘em with a chopper
‘Til I motherfuckin’ drop ‘em
(Drop ‘em, drop ‘em, drop ‘em, drop ‘em)
Stack addict, I mack with the blackest fabric, I’m back
I’m magically rackin’ it, that’s what I’m thunkin’, rat-a-tat-tats
I’m runnin’ the trunk up for sucker shit
Matter of fact, kiss the ass and even the crack
Automatic facts, it’s like that
Scandal bliss when you puttin’ feelings in charge of shit
All of us targeted, all we doin’ is arguin’
Part of them isn’t workin’
‘Til every pockets been picked and sold and harvested
I’m ready to mob all these fuckin’ charlatans
Go go go, go go go go
Go go go go, Go go go go
Go go go go, go go go, go go
We up, now loot
Two time Don, I’m galactic and fly
The moon is movin’, the maniac’s in a shitty decline
Hearts fried, all this neon is grippin’ in something’s side
Immortality’s out of bounds, this a one-round ride
I got one round left, a hunnid cops outside
I could shoot at them or put one between my eyes
Chose the latter, it don’t matter, it ain’t suicide
And if the news say it was that’s a goddamn lie
I can’t let the pigs kill me, I got too much pride
And I meant it when I said it, never take me alive
I got the Grand Nat runnin’ in the alley outside
Yo Michael, run like you hungry and get your ass in the ride
I’d rather have and not need you than watch your rotten demise
And you still owe me for them Nike’s, you do not get to just die
You try to fuck with my brother, you get the bastard surprise
And that’s more honest than your whole life in a fraction of time
I didn’t get my degree in how to smoke weed ‘till I’m blind
So you could ruin my high, Jewel Runner, do and you’re bye
My brother made a point so out the back door I’ma slide
I’m chubby, husky, die scrubbin’, fuckin’ up my Levi’s
The crooked copper got the proper, I put lead in his eye
Plus we heard he murdered a black child so none of us cry
Yankee and the brave are here
Everybody hit the deck
We don’t mean no harm
But we truly mean all the disrespect (four)


Il video arriva sulla scia del magistrale “Holy CalamaVOTE”, il concerto televisivo del duo che ha fatto il suo debutto su Adult Swim e HBO Max sabato sera. Il film-concerto ha segnato la prima performance in assoluto di RTJ4 e include le apparizioni speciali di Pharrell Williams, 2 Chainz, Mavis Staples, Zack De la Rocha, Gangsta Boo, Greg Nice, DJ Cutmaster Swiff, Cochemea Gastelum e Josh Homme, con Eric Andre in qualità di maestro di cerimonie dell’evento. Il film è stato la celebrazione perfetta del continuo successo dell’album, subito dopo che la sua recente pubblicazione fisica lo ha riportato al primo posto nelle classifiche Current Rap Album e Indie Current Albums, nonché nella top ten della Billboard Top Album (# 4 ), LP in vinile (# 2), Current R & B / Hip Hop (# 2) Top Current Albums (# 4) e # 42 posto nella Billboard Top 200.




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