Recensione: KANYE WEST – Jesus Is King

Recensione: KANYE WEST – Jesus Is King

27 minuti. Un disco complicato, liricamente ostico e iconoclastico.

Un disco religioso, evangelico, una messa dove a celebrare la liturgia è il predicatore Kanye.
L’ennesima dimostrazione del suo smisurato ego e della sua onnipotenza.
Colui che tutto può!

Un disco che si apre con la corale Every Hour, bellissima, e a seguire Selah e la potentissima Follow God, un perfetto combinato di r&b e hip hop. 
Potrebbe bastarmi.  Ma le sorprese continuano: Closed on Sunday , On God, Everything We Need, Water, Hands On e cosa dire dell’assolo di sax di Kenny G in Use This Gospel? 

Tra i vari sermoni le collaborazioni con Clipse, Ty Dolla $ign, Fred Hammond, Ant  Clemons e Kenny G. e le produzioni di Timbaland, Pi’erre Bourn e Mike Dean.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

Andiamo in pace…Gloria a Kanye! 

Voto: 7,50

Tre brani da ascoltare subito:  Follow God  – Hands On – Use This Gospel


Father, I stretch
Stretch my hands to you

Lifelike, this is what your life like, try to live your life right
People really know you, push your buttons like type write
This is like a movie, but it’s really very lifelike
Every single night, right, every single fight, right?
I was looking at the ‘Gram and I don’t even like likes
I was screamin’ at my Dad, he told me, “It ain’t Christ-like”
I was screamin’ at the referee just like Mike
Lookin’ for a bright light, Sigel, what your life like
Riding on a white bike, feeling like excite bike (Stretch my hands to you)
Pressin’ on the gas, supernova for a night light
Screamin’ at my dad and he told me, “It ain’t Christ-like”
But nobody never tell you when you’re being like Christ
Only ever seein’ me only when they needin’ me
Like if Tyler Perry made a movie for BET
Searchin’ for a deity, now you wanna see it free
Now you wanna see if we, let’s just see if three a piece
Tell me what your life like, turn it down, a bright light
Drivin’ with my dad, and he told me, “It ain’t Christ-like” (Stretch my hands to you)
I’m just tryna find, l’ve been lookin’ for a new way
I’m just really tryin’ not to really do the fool way
I don’t have a cool way, bein’ on my best, though
Block ‘em on the text though, nothin’ else next though
Not another word, letter, picture, or a decimal (Father, I stretch)
Wrestlin’ with God, I don’t really want to wrestle
Man, it’s really lifelike, everything in my life (Stretch my hands to you)
Arguing with my dad, and he said, “It ain’t Christ-like”

You know, it’s like
Somebody only close who can get you, like, off your
I be on my
I woke up this morning, I said my prayers
I’m all good, then I tried to talk to my dad (Stretch my hands to you)
Give him some advice, he starts spazzin’ on me
I start spazzin’ back, He said “That ain’t Christ-like”
I said, “Aaah”

(Follow God )

God is
My light in darkness, oh
God, God is
He, He is my all and all (And I’ll never turn back)
God is

Everything that I felt, praise the Lord
Worship Christ with the best of your portions
I know I won’t forget all He’s done
He’s the strength in this race that I run
Every time I look up, I see God’s faithfulness
And it shows just how much He is miraculous
I can’t keep it to myself, I can’t sit here and be still
Everybody, I will tell ‘til the whole world is healed
King of Kings, Lord of Lords, all the things He has in store
From the rich to the poor, all are welcome through the door
You won’t ever be the same when you call on Jesus’ name
Listen to the words I’m sayin’, Jesus saved me, now I’m sane
And I know, I know God is the force that picked me up
I know Christ is the fountain that filled my cup
I know God is alive, yeah
He has opened up my vision
Giving me a revelation
This ain’t ‘bout a damn religion
Jesus brought a revolution
All the captives are forgiven
Time to break down all the prisons
Every man, every woman
There is freedom from addiction
Jesus, You have my soul
Sunday Service on a roll
All my idols, let ‘em go
All the demons, let ‘em know
This a mission, not a show
This is my eternal soul
This my kids, this the crib
This my wife, this my life
This my God-given right
Thank you, Jesus, won the fight

That’s what God is
That’s what God is
That’s what God is

(God Is )

Track list:

Every Hour (Ft. Sunday Service Choir)
Follow God 
Closed on Sunday 
On God 
Everything We Need (Ft. Ant Clemons & Ty Dolla $ign) 
Water (Ft. Ant Clemons)
God Is 
Hands On (Ft. Fred Hammond) 
Use This Gospel (Ft. Clipse & Kenny G) 
Jesus Is Lord 


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